Rely on our team for transmission repair services

Are you having trouble shifting gears? Does your car accelerate slowly? Muller Customs LLC can help. We offer top-notch transmission maintenance services. Our crew can carefully inspect your transmission and provide the necessary repairs to keep your car traveling smoothly down the road.

Whether you need a transmission fluid leak fixed or a transmission rebuilt, we can help. Call 609-902-5991 today to arrange for transmission maintenance services.

Don't let a faulty transmission slow you down

If you're experiencing transmission problems, take your vehicle to Muller Customs right away. Your engine can slip into the wrong gear and cause your car to lurch forward unexpectedly. Our crew can repair your:

Torque converter
Transfer case

With more than 30 years of auto-repair experience, we can handle even the toughest jobs. From regular maintenance to complex repairs, we can do it all. Contact us today to speak with an experienced auto mechanic.