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  • Timely, quality repairs 
  • Friendly service 
  • Honest diagnosis 
  • Extremely fair prices 
  • Extensively researching projects prior to commencing work


Our customers give us rave reviews!

My name is John, email jre56@comcast.net


"I have two classic cars, a 1956 Chevy truck and a 1969 Corvette. When I purchased the 56 truck from N Carolina via Ebay, it was supposed to have a new engine, trans, 10 bolt rear, new wiring and be "ALMOST" completed. It was not any of this. Muller Racing installed a NEW engine, rebuilt the trans, rewired the entire truck, re-installed the rear correctly, installed a great shifter and went through the entire truck so that now it runs and drives like a new vehicle.

When I got the 69 Vette it was in great shape, but had been neglected for some time.  Many things did not operate correctly or at all, and it ran poorly.  Dave fixed such things as the headlight and wiper doors, air conditioning, radio, tuned the engine and got the dual carbs working right etc.  The vette then performed better than new.

The best thing is that all of the work was performed in a very timely manner, at a price that I could well afford and there were NO surprises. I was called and we discussed every thing that was done on both vehicles."