A mechanic with over 30 years of experience will see to your custom work

At Muller Customs LLC, we understand the value of high-quality customization for your car or truck. Our company is led by Dave Muller, who's worked on performance vehicles for more than three decades. He's also enjoyed a 20-year career of serious drag racing, so he appreciates the power of a well-designed vehicle. Call our shop today to consult him about your customization options.

Why choose Muller Customs?

Our professionals have the skills and expertise needed to work on any domestic vehicle, whether you come to us for new tires, rims or a liftgate. We're also equipped for custom fabrication.

Our mechanics will:

Use some of the latest techniques and skills
Draw upon decades of knowledge
Treat your vehicle with care

When you hit the road after our mechanics work on your vehicle, you'll be impressed by your vehicle's new appearance and better performance. Call 609-902-5991 to schedule work today.